30 Before 30

1.  Take an adult ballet class.
2.  Visit Canada. herehere and here
3.  Go to a Broadway show.
4.  Take a Krav Maga class.
5.  Go ziplining. here
6.  Take a ski trip.
7.  Read the Bible cover to cover.  
8.  Take a cooking class.
9.  Visit wine country. here
10.  Bake a cake from scratch.  
11.  Take a mixology class.
12.  Buy a house. here
13.  Go back to NYC.
14.  Take a photography class.
15.  Make creme brulee from scratch.  
16.  Go to an NBA game.
17.  Go to an NFL game.
18.  Learn conversational Spanish.
19.  Go to a drive in movie.
20.  Camp outdoors (preferable on a beach).
21. Go horseback riding.
22.  Go on a sailboat cruise.
23.  Learn to shoot a gun.
24.  Run a 5K.
25.  Learn to change a flat tire.
26.  Take dance lessons with Dan.
27.  Have actual seats at a concert.
28.  Go back to Europe (ideally Italy and Spain).
29.  Learn to use Photoshop.  
30.  Go white water rafting. 

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