Monday, February 3, 2014

January Lazies

For how confident and hopeful we feel going into January it has to be without a doubt the laziest month of the year.
I'd really love to see any data Netlix collects on peak usage times as I'm quite sure I've watched more Netflix in the past month than in all the other months of the past year combined.  

Dan and I spent a solid week really sick, kicking off the season of laziness.
Then two weeks in a row we had snow that in North Carolina amounts to being quarantined. 
By the time this weekend rolled around we felt our brains would finally just give up on us if we didn't get out of the house and pull ourselves away from the TV.

Although we've been researching for a few months now and Dan's been talking about it for years I feel like our need to finally do something worthwhile played a major role in finally pulling the trigger and getting Dan a new car. 

While I'd love to say that little outing propelled us into a new and productive version of our winter selves car buying, as it turns out is exhausting.
After four hours at the dealership we both had major headaches and really the only thing to do at that point is resume a marathon of The Newsroom.


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