Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 in One Photo

Ok, so it's a photo of a photo-taken with an iphone, so not the greatest quality.

My brother's girlfriend snapped this at my cousin's wedding in September then gave it to me framed for a Christmas present this year.
It was an outdoor wedding where rain came down most of the evening but didn't stop the guests from dancing.

Our 2013 was a lot like this photo.

2012 was a big and exciting year.  
We got married.
Traveled to Chicago, San Francisco, Napa, Sonoma, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Philadelphia, Houston, Tybee Island and Savannah and rarely sat still.
It was exhilarating and wonderful, but it wasn't real.  Not long-term real, anyway.

2013 was that year for us.
We grew up, we matured.
We bought a house and all of a sudden we looked forward to weekends and time off work not for jet-setting and exploring but for making a home.
Our home.

We faced battles and we lost loved ones.
And through it all we loved.

We held hands through this year and went wide-eyed into the real world, together.
We've danced in the rain.

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Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Photo Recap

Our Christmas holiday was filled with to and fro (and hohoho).
We spent a ton of time on the road and were so busy soaking up family time I've majorly neglected recapping those happy memories to blogland, so it's come to this-a true photodump.

We started out Christmas celebrations with a trip to Philadelphia to see Dan's family.
We went to my aunt and uncle's annual Christmas party.

I enjoyed our annual Christmas PJ party with my mom and sister.

Dan and I started our own traditions of riding around with hot chocolate to look at Christmas lights and baking cookies and decorating our tree/wrapping presents.  We also had Dan's family over for lasagna the night before Christmas Eve, something we hope to make a tradition.

Then saw far superior lights at Lights on the Neuse, a hayride through a farm to enjoy light displays.

We had our annual gingerbread house competition-with the same placings as usual-Amber 1st, me last. Which of these do you think should be the winner?  I usually like my sister's the best but Amber is undefeated.  
We had a great time with family at our annual Christmas Eve Party.
Opened presents and had breakfast Christmas morning at my parent's house-complete with 2 rambunctious dog cousins becoming fast friends.
And finally, we enjoyed not one-but 2 Christmas dinners on Christmas day.  
Once in Chocowinity with Dan's family, then back to Wilson with my family.

Merry Christmas, indeed.

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