Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mallory's Storybook Baby Shower

My college roommate, Mallory, is about to be the first from our group to have a baby when she welcomes baby Sawyer to the world this December.
A few weeks ago we threw her a Storybook themed baby shower.
Each of the dishes had a book that went with them.
{Twinkle Twinkle Little Star punch-Blueberries for Sal Yum Yums-Three Little Pigs in a Blanket-If You Give a Mouse a Cookie cookies}
{Peter Rabbit Vegetables and Fruit-Humpty Dumpty Deviled Eggs-A Fish out of Water bottled water}
{Three Blind Mice Pimiento Cheese-Centerpiece}

For a shower game we played Gift Bingo, where everyone filled out a blank Bingo card with gifts they thought baby Sawyer would get and you marked off your spaces as she opened the gifts.
We also tried to make mommy-to-be's life a little easier by having guests address blank envelopes for thank you notes as they walked in the door.
It's so hard to believe this crazy group is going to welcome a baby into the club in just 2 short months!


Monday, October 28, 2013

Recent Shananigans

The past few weeks have been incredibly busy and I've failed every week at getting the weekend shenanigans posted.
So, I bring you several weekends in one photo-heavy post.

A few weeks ago we went to the ECU-Carolina game.
It was Military Appreciation Day and the paratroopers and team entrance were a bright spot in an incredibly not close game.

That same weekend I enjoyed fall conference with these ladies.

Conference was, as always, a healthy mix of fun and learning.
We also finally got to check out CowFish while in Raleigh.
This was the coolest restaurant I've been to in awhile.
The menu is a mixture of burgers and sushi, as well as Burger-Sushi and Sushi-Burger fusion dishes.
All of the decor is really neat as well, with funny artwork on the walls, a huge tank in the middle of the restaurant and a LED screen with your name on a fish that travels up the tank as your table becomes available. 
I enjoyed a girl's weekend in Raleigh with my college roommates as we went to a State football game, out to dinner and hit downtown Raleigh for a night of fun.

Finally, Dan and I also enjoyed a weekend at Raffaldini Vineyard for a beautiful wedding.
Not recapped (because it deserves its own post): a storybook baby shower we threw for one of our college roommates.
Already scheduled to post Wednesday, because I am on the ball this week.


Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Last week we celebrated Pippa’s birthday, aka Elizapalooza. 
Somehow she keeps getting older and I stay the same age.

This year Pippa turned the big 2-1 and chose margaritas as her signature drink.

I don’t know how she convinced my mom to do this, but every year her birthday is treated like a holiday, complete with a menu fit for Thanksgiving.
Seriously- she tells my mom to consider Elizapalooza her practice run for Thanksgiving and for some reason mama complies.
Favorite child, anyone?
She even had two cakes for I feel like the second year in a row.

Elizabeth’s roommates and a few other of her friends joined us for Elizapalooza this year, and we were grouped into “young”, “old” and “really old” more times than was comfortable to me. #old
Seriously, that’s how we were called to dinner.

Youngest in attendance though was my brother’s puppy, Riley.
She is so timid and adorable, and my parents little Yorkies boss her around.
I realize this is a terrible picture because of the light, but she requests to be held this way, oblivious to her size.  We sure do raise clingy dogs in our family.

The birthday girl was heading downtown in Raleigh after the family celebration and from what I gathered from twitter it was your typical car-got-towed 21st celebration.
Meanwhile, the old people closed out the night with a DVD in bed.


Monday, October 7, 2013

Pumpkin Carving

Dan's parents have us over every year towards the beginning of October for pumpkin carving and a Halloween meal, so after spending the rest of the week running errands watching Homeland we geared up for the festivities.

We tend to not really go in with a plan so we picked up a pumpkin on the way there and went with a simple "n" for our pumpkins (lowercase b/c it's easier...) and we're pretty pleased with it given how easy it was.

We skyped in Dan's brother and his wife that live in New Jersey who were busy painting their pumpkins- in much more agreeable weather than we were since it was in the high 80s around these parts.  
Also present was the new puppy Dan's brother and his girlfriend got recently, so we got to spend the afternoon sniffing puppy breath without actually having to train or care for a puppy.  

We ended up leaving before dinner when I dropped my phone in the toilet to rush to the Verizon store for help (who had high hopes for that one working out? yea, noone).  
If anyone has tips for getting it to work again, send them my way.
It sat in rice all night but this morning seems to have fried the charger also. 

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