Monday, July 29, 2013

New Beginnings

Last Thursday I signed paperwork to start a new job in August. 
I'll be doing the same thing, just in a different county that's closer to where I live.

The decision to make a change was hard for me, mostly because I'd become comfortable where I was.
I'd learned the ropes and made good work friends I didn't want to leave.
I updated the online application for the state one night while watching TV, but didn't end up sending it in anywhere.
Still, since counties can view it at any time I got calls for interviews, so in the end the world wide web pulled the trigger for me.

For awhile after interviewing at different places and having some options opened I struggled to make a decision and came close to deciding to stay where I was.
No risk there, things would stay the same.

In the end I decided to move to a county that I felt held the greatest potential for me to be involved with the aspects of my job I enjoy the most, but it's also the riskiest move.
It's a very small county (so hit the hardest by budget cuts) and is undergoing a lot of change right now.

When I was in undergrad the thought of grad school terrified me.  I knew I'd have to go with the major I chose, but chose it anyway.
I remember going to a panel of psychology grad students who were describing the path that led them to where they were and they all seemed to be so ok with uncertainty.  
I sat there and thought I would never be ok with not having the next year (or five) planned out.
But I did it anyway.

I remember being incredibly nervous waiting to hear if I got into the one school I applied to and my aunt told me "You'll get in, or you won't, but either way your dad won't let you end up on the streets or I'll have to talk to him".  

Looking back over the really small things that if they hadn't happened I wouldn't be where I am now I can see that if I had to talk to students now about my path through grad school to here I'd sound just like that panel I listened to that year.
If I hadn't decided to babysit, if I'd taken a different babysitting job, if I'd stayed in my first major, if I'd gone to a different college, who knows? 
But what I have to believe is I'd just be telling a different chain of events that all led to the conclusion that it all worked out.

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord.  Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

30 x 30

I finally updated the 30 by 30 tab-and promptly panicked as I realized I've only done 4 of the 30 and am close to having only 2 years left to do the rest....

I've added links to posts of the few things on my list I have done.
Enjoy :-)

Friday, July 19, 2013

School Psychology Girl's Weekend

Last weekend I headed to Wilmington for a reunion with my good friends from grad school and it was just what I needed. 
I've had that weekend marked on my calendar since we planned it before summer even started and I've so been looking forward to it-I wish we could do it more often.

Ashley invited us to stay at her adorable house and she is such a great hostess.
She greeted us on Friday with pimiento cheese, yummy blueberry blue cheese dip (recipe on her blog!) and a pantry full of fun adult beverages.  
We spent the beginning of the weekend oohhing and ahhing over our mascot for the weekend, her absolutely adorable new puppy, Charlie.


When then headed to dinner at K-38 Baja Grill, the cutest restaurant for some yummy dinner, before ending the night sitting around Ashley's kitchen table laughing, catching up and learning the Cups song from Pitch Perfect (complete with sending Dan videos of us perfecting it since he's been trying so hard without luck).

Saturday we got up bright and early (err, about 2 minutes before time to leave since we slept through the alarm) and headed to Pure Barre.  I love going to a Pure Barre class whenever I'm in a town that offers them.  We then walked around for awhile checking out shops before heading out to catch some sun.  We also squeezed in a trip to Trader Joe's and Target during the afternoon, because really no weekend is complete without them :-)

Saturday night we had an amazing dinner at South Beach, complete with amazing Seafood Nachos.  I had shrimp & grits, but the hit of the table was a seafood macaroni and cheese that was sooo good.  After dinner we hit the beach bars for a night of shenanigans, but I'll spare you pictures from that.  Although, the following did happen...

Me: {Tastes a sip of Megan's drink} Oh yeaaa
Bartender: It's got pineapple juice, something, something, tequila...
Me: Oh nooo
Bartender: I don't like it when juice wears tights.

(If you haven't seen the Dane Cook Kool Aid man skit google it now and understand why Megan and I died laughing.)

{before dinner}

The weekend was great and I always love getting together with this group.  Grad school was such a stressful time and I'm so thankful to have found this group of girls to get through it all. 


Thursday, July 4, 2013


Happy 4th of July, everyone!

Dan and I were talking about how we spent last 4th of July in Canada and it got me reminiscing about past holidays spent out of town.  
Several years ago I did a study abroad program in Oxford, England and loved every minute of the trip.
Aside from an awesome and surprisingly not awkward 4th of July spent in England we also got to go to Wimbledon the week of the 4th.  

Growing up watching Wimbledon I always assumed tickets were really difficult to get and only the fanciest of the fancy people could go to such an event, but it turns out that's not the case at all.
Centre Court and Court 1 are the only courts you have to reserve seats in advance for (and to some extent Court 2), but Courts 3-19 are all unreserved seats.
Tickets to these courts are done on a one in, one out kind of schedule where whenever someone leaves for the day they turn their ticket in and that ticket is then resold to whoever is lined up waiting to get in. 
So, if you're willing to "queue it up" for however many hours it takes (we stood in line for I feel like 5-6 hours at least) you can get a ticket for only 12-18 pounds (which at the time I was there translated to between $24-36).

There are two types of queue lines depending on if you want to spend the night to get in first thing in the morning or if you just want to get in towards the end of the day for the last few hours (it's daylight until about 10 pm so that's what we did), and you get a card telling you your place in the queue when you arrive, along with your guidebook and tons of stickers.

I know it sounds miserable to stand in line for that long but really they make the process as fun as it can be.  There are vendors and entertainment all along the line and you're allowed to bring alcohol with you.  In fact, you're even allowed to take that alcohol into the stadium with you (kind of makes you even more upset you can't bring water with you to stadiums around here!).  
We had a big group with us and it was one of very few sunny afternoons and it was really not bad.

Once in you can roam from court to court (with the exception of Centre court and Court 1).  Court 2 they do another one in one out for the standing room in the back, so we did that for a few minutes to see Martina Hingis play, but mostly just wandered the stadium and watched other matches.

{Martina Hingis, losing}

The ball boys were super entertaining-it was serious business! 
They had a whole routine down pat and we kept getting distracted watching them. 

Of course, we had to get some strawberries as well.
I'll admit I didn't know Wimbledon strawberries were a thing, and they were really expensive. We had really good strawberries with whip cream in the cafeteria seriously every day we were there so I didn't know why people were paying so much for what we had free at our dorms and opted out.
Then, everyone back home that I told I'd been to Wimbledon asked if I'd had strawberries.
Live and learn, I guess.
{some of the group having strawberries}

The whole trip was amazing but I think getting a chance to go to such a major sporting event stands out as a favorite part of the trip to me and every summer around this time I think back to the experience.  
If you're ever in England during Wimbledon I encourage you not to let the line scare you and definitely go!

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Please excuse the quality of photos, these are really old.
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