Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memorial Day

This past weekend we headed to the beach for Memorial Day weekend, along with the rest of eastern North Carolina. 

We avoided the crowds by never leaving our deck-and really, who would want to with a view like that?

We spent the weekend enjoying family, good food, great views, lots of baseball (18 innings, Carolina, really?!) and Coronas-all the necessary ingredients for a spectacular beach weekend.

Lucy got her energy out playing fetch in the sound and loving on everyone while she sunbathed.

The one time we did venture out was to take a walk down the street to a lemonade stand-complete with strawberries and mint!

{Rachel Ray's nachos-incredible)

The whole weekend was everything you could ask for in the first summer trip to the beach.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Kentucky Derby

With both the Kentucky Derby and Cinco de Mayo falling on the same weekend Dan and I found ourselves more excited about the Derby, most likely as a result of Dan's year living in Lexington.

While when he first got word he was being transferred we were devastated I have to say we ended up really enjoying that year aside from the long stretches of being apart.  
When I got the chance to visit (which was pretty frequent given the 2nd year grad school schedule I was in at the time) it was like taking a vacation without the hotel costs and being able to bring the pets along.

We thoroughly enjoyed visiting the many bourbon distilleries in the area...

... went to a few Cincinatti Reds games- including one playoff game against the Phillies- visited Rupp Arena and enjoyed some time at Talon Winery...

...spent a great weekend in Louisville...

....and of course enjoyed both Keeneland and Churchill Down's. 

I have to admit when Dan first moved to Lexington everyone told us Keeneland was better than Churchill Down's and I thought that was just what people said to make themselves feel better.
You know, like "I actually prefer diet Coke".
But, having visited both we agreed they were actually right.
Though, the Mint Juleps are worth a trip to Churchill Down's.

Where I was originally heading with this post was to share the recipes for our race snacks, I got caught up in reminiscing so those will have to wait for tomorrow's post.
I'm off to watch Bridget Jones to get me excited about starting a Reclaimation Project (a failed attempt at New Year's resolution re-do's I pretend I'll actually stick to several times a year).

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