Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Brittany

This past weekend was the 9th Annual Brittany Willis Memorial Scholarship Soccer Showcase.
At the Brittany awards are not given out to winning teams but to the players that show the best sportsmanship during the games.
How refreshing is that?

More importantly, the students playing in the Brittany hear her story and learn about the importance of safety.

Prior to that summer I rarely considered the possibility of being attacked-I didn't even usually lock my car doors.
It sounds ridiculous now, but as a teenager in a small town I didn't consider that it was a possibility until it happened to Brittany--in our small town, in a safe part of town, during the middle of the day in a well occupied shopping center.

For months afterwards I was terrified of my own shadow.
I'd call my parents to meet me in the driveway when I was coming home and really never spent a minute alone.
But eventually the irrational fear was replaced with what I consider a healthy fear.

I took a self defense class.  Two, actually.
I took a whole course at State about rape and sexual assault.
In general, I educated myself.

I was in Target in Greenville a few months ago wearing one of my shirts from the Brittany and the cashier told me she'd played in the tournament when she was in high school.
She said it was a great experience for her, and it encouraged her to take a self defense class before going to college.  She carries the rape whistle she was given at the tournament with her and is more aware of her surroundings in general.
That to me is the best thing about the Brittany.
Hopefully, it will save people from going through the summer we went through that year.

(one of the tiles we designed for the playground at the soccer complex)


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