Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Bunny Cake

For as long as I can remember my family has made a bunny cake for Easter.
It was something my mom did with her 3rd grade class-their homework assignment would be to figure out how to take 2 circles and make a rabbit out of them. 
Then, the next day she'd surprise them with the cake.

Once spring break rolled around we'd make one as a family as well.

To make him you take 2 round cake layers and cut one as shown below.

Then assemble the pieces so he has 2 ears, a head and a bow tie.

Finally, decorate him as you like.  
I used Cadbury eggs for the eyes and nose and colored toothpicks black for the whiskers.  
I also went with a pink bowtie because I'd already dyed the icing for the ears.
I think he looks like quite the dapper gentleman.  


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Brittany

This past weekend was the 9th Annual Brittany Willis Memorial Scholarship Soccer Showcase.
At the Brittany awards are not given out to winning teams but to the players that show the best sportsmanship during the games.
How refreshing is that?

More importantly, the students playing in the Brittany hear her story and learn about the importance of safety.

Prior to that summer I rarely considered the possibility of being attacked-I didn't even usually lock my car doors.
It sounds ridiculous now, but as a teenager in a small town I didn't consider that it was a possibility until it happened to Brittany--in our small town, in a safe part of town, during the middle of the day in a well occupied shopping center.

For months afterwards I was terrified of my own shadow.
I'd call my parents to meet me in the driveway when I was coming home and really never spent a minute alone.
But eventually the irrational fear was replaced with what I consider a healthy fear.

I took a self defense class.  Two, actually.
I took a whole course at State about rape and sexual assault.
In general, I educated myself.

I was in Target in Greenville a few months ago wearing one of my shirts from the Brittany and the cashier told me she'd played in the tournament when she was in high school.
She said it was a great experience for her, and it encouraged her to take a self defense class before going to college.  She carries the rape whistle she was given at the tournament with her and is more aware of her surroundings in general.
That to me is the best thing about the Brittany.
Hopefully, it will save people from going through the summer we went through that year.

(one of the tiles we designed for the playground at the soccer complex)


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Monday, March 18, 2013


Dan and I realized last week sometime we had a free hotel stay that was getting ready to expire so we opted for a random night in downtown Raleigh this weekend.

We also realized this weekend that we're old.
We kept referencing the Murtaugh list from How I Met Your Mother where Ted makes a list of all the thing he's too old for (from Detective Roger Murtaugh in Lethal Weapon) and knew we were officially lame.

We drug ourselves out of bed early Saturday morning after staying up late to watch the second round of the ACC tournament so we'd have time to go to a soccer tournament, drop Lucy off at Petsmart in Cary and run some errands in Raleigh before finding somewhere to watch State play at 1:00.

I wish we could say the game went better, but we did enjoy our favorite pickle chips so not a bad afternoon.

After that Dan talked to one of his friends that was at Raleigh Times so we met up with him for what we said was going to be just a quick drink and say hi.

One thing led to another though and we joined him on a pub crawl to celebrate St. Patrick's day that included moonshine, my first experience with Irish car bombs and more fried food.

It was a fun night and definitely out of the norm for us but we woke up this morning feeling like we needed a week of fruits, vegetables, water and sleep.

After a quick trip to Trader Joe's we spent the rest of the day watching basketball, sorting through piles of laundry, cleaning the house and trying to recover.  


Monday, March 11, 2013

Pure Barre

Once upon a time I was a ballerina. 
And by ballerina I mean I took classes from ages 3-18 but never was very good.

But, I liked it and it kept me in shape.

A few years ago I started hearing about Pure Barre as the new craze for getting that ballet body everyone loves, but the closest class to me is an hour and a half away.  
So, I was pretty excited when at a training last week we spotted a Pure Barre studio in the shopping center across the street from our hotel.  
Had it not been for my friend Ashley I still wouldn't have been able to drag myself out of bed for a 6am class, but she got me excited and out of bed at 5:30 ready to go.

I had ordered the DVDs back when I was so sad classes weren't offered around here, but they fell the way of most at home workouts and got used a total of maybe 5 times-and the class turned out to be much more difficult.
It's now 3 days later and I'm still sore in all those places that don't normally get much of a workout.

Despite the difficulty level of the class, for once in my life I didn't find myself looking at the clock and counting down the minutes until it was over.  
The idea behind the workout is that you get in the movement and then only move about an inch so as to always be in pain. 
I kid.  
But seriously, that's how it goes.  Except you stretch in between.
It also is broken down by body part, so you do all abs, arms, legs, etc at once until that one body part is thoroughly exhausted before moving on.
Exhaust, stretch, on to the next. 

Now I just need Greenville to open one and I'll be set! 



On January 17 we took that big step into adulthood and bought a house.
We're homeowners.
Before meeting to sign the papers I told Dan I felt like we needed someone's permission.

The first thing we did after signing the papers was pick up Lucy, drive over, and play hide and go seek throughout the empty house with our dog.

We're at the this place in our lives where day to day we pretty much behave as responsible adults while at the same time believing we're neither.  

We've spent the past few weekends painting and making lists and working until we collapse tired and sore on Sunday nights.

And over and over we say to each other "honey, we bought a house".  


Monday, March 4, 2013

Nerd Fest Part 2

By Thursday we were honestly starting to run out of conference going steam.  We still definitely went to sessions, but we also ducked out a little more to do some sight seeing. 

We turned on our Runkeeper apps and hit the city by foot, stopping at all the major landmarks along the way, Flat Stanley in tow.  

If you've never been to Seattle, the famous Pike Place Market is sooo much bigger than expected--you could spend all day there an not hit every shop.  
We sampled lots of fresh fruits while we were walking around, including a banana flavored apple.  
The fish people had also been really sweet and put signs in the fish cases welcoming those attending the conference.

In the same area we hit up Post Alley and the famous gum wall, the original Starbucks, the Hammering Man outside the Seattle Art Museaum and enjoyed some awesome samples at Beecher's Cheese.

We also decided on Thursday that being that close to so much fresh fish we just had to have some sushi.  I can't remember the name of the place we went but it was definitely some awesome sushi!

Thursday night we made Valentine's reservations at the Space Needle, and before heading there I got a surprise Valentine from Dan-roses delivered to our hotel room!

We had a session in the afternoon so we were kind of in a hurry to get to the Space Needle and didn't make it in time to see the Chihuly Garden beforehand.  We did poke our head around the gift shop and try to catch glimpses through the fence though.  Also, one the elevator ride up you got a good peek of them.  I'm not a huge art person, but I think those sculptures are so cool!  I was looking at some information at the gift shop and all of the colors have to be done inside out and upside down because of the way the glass is blown, and there are so many factors that go into the color it's amazing.

During my last trip to Seattle we didn't even make it to the Space Needle, so it was great to be able to go up to the top and actually have dinner.  We had bets on how many engagements we'd witness since it was Valentine's day, and we had our eyes on a few couples without rings around us, but no such luck.  We did have fun passing some notes around as the restaurant revolved.  Someone kept sending around quizzes for people to mark their answers and put back on the windowsill to make their way around, and we had fun adding a few of our own.

Friday all we had time to do was go to a session and snap some picture with our badges before booking it to the airport and heading home.  All in all it was a another great conference week in the books!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Nerd Fest 2013 Part 1

A couple of weeks ago I went to Seattle for our annual national conference aka one of my favorite weeks of the year {nerd alert}.  
Every year we manage to fit just the right amount of learning and sight seeing into our trip, but we have noticed the amount of time we want to spend actually in sessions at the conference increases every year.  

June's aunt and uncle were super sweet and let us spend Sunday night with them since we had to get up and head to the airport at 3:30 am Monday.  
Even with our early morning wake up call and the 3 hour time difference we were surprised at how much energy we had and were able to hit the ground running with dinner at The Pink Door, a restaurant hidden in an alley that features burlesque shows and a trapeze artist.  
Though we did have to ask someone to point it out for us after we completely passed it without knowing we managed to find the slightly pink door and enjoy some awesome food and drinks along with the trapeze artist show.  
I ordered the calamari that surprised us by not being friend (child of the south) and it was incredibly good.  June and Ashley were also surprised about the not-salty oysters they ordered.    

We managed to stay up and out doing things until about 9:30 Monday night when we went back to the hotel and completely crashed, only to find ourselves all up and wide awake at 5:00 local time Tuesday morning.  That left us plenty of time to go to the gym--my first ever up early in the morning and at the gym experience--before heading to a full day of conference going.  

Tuesday night we made our way to the waterfront for dinner at Elliot's and a view of the water and also caught a sight of the Fish Market at night.  We also met up afterwards with the cohort below us for a drink and to catch up with everyone.

Wednesday was our day to present at the conference, which was a great experience.  My mom had sent us a Flat Stanley for a student of one of the teachers she mentors, so of course he had to come along to present with us.  (Flat Stanley is a book kids read with a character that can do things we can't, like get mailed cool places.  You know, since he's flat.  It was surprising how many people saw us with him and realized exactly what we were doing rather than thinking we were complete weirdos.  Though, I'm sure there were plenty that though that as well.)  
After such an accomplishment, we had a great night hitting the town and going to the North Carolina and the ECU socials.  It's always great to pretend you're still a student for a night.

Up next--Valentine's dinner at the Space Needle!

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