Monday, January 7, 2013


So, week 1 of my 2013 goals was a complete fail.  
Dan says the year doesn't really begin until after the first Monday, so we'll go with that.  
Aaaand finally get around to a holiday recap.

The weekend before Christmas Dan and I drove up to visit his family from Philadelphia.  
His grandmother lives in a nursing home, so his family reserved an activity room to host their traditional Polish Christmas Eve dinner, Wigilia.  This was my first Wigilia and I enjoyed trying the different foods they have, like pierogis.  I did not try the fried smelt, though.  We also got to spend a lot of time with his brother and sister-in-law that we don't see often and make a trip to the Reading Terminal for my favorite grilled cheese from Molly Malloy's (goat cheese, spinach and fennel and onion jam).

Monday we made it back to Wilson in time for our annual gingerbread house competition.  
This started when we were younger and my brother and I would go over to our cousin's house on Christmas Eve to make gingerbread houses, but now my sister and I do it with our neighbors and my brother acts as judge.  

I come in last place every. single. year.

Except the year before last when I came in next to last.  I covered my house in tons of lights, made an RV for the front and wrote "That's a beaut, Clark!", earning me some points to detract from my terrible construction skills.
To add insult to injury the same girl wins every year without fail.  
Someday we're going to have to pull a Tonya Harding on her.

The rest of Christmas was spent full of family time.

The weekend before New Year's Dan and I packed up the animals and headed to the beach where we enjoyed a lot of looking at the water, laying around and watching episode after episode of Bones.
We got seriously sucked into my parents Netflix account, and I had nightmares for days after.

On New Year's Eve some friends came to spend the night with us and we spent the evening having baked potatoes and steaks and s'mores on the grill, playing Cranium and laughing like crazy.

We welcomed the start of a new year with horns, fireworks, a sea breeze and a toast to new beginnings.

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