Thursday, July 26, 2012

Heading North

Back to the honeymoon recap!

Sunday was the biggest travel day of our trip, driving from wine country to Eugene, Oregon.  We hit the road at 7 am and didn't get to Eugene until about 10:00 that night.  Of course, we made several scenic pit stops along the way-namely Glass Beach and the Redwood Forest.  

We took US-1 for a lot of the trip and it was an absolutely gorgeous, but also terrifying drive.  Mountains on one side of you, straight drop into the ocean from pretty high up on the other side and very skinny roads.  I drove the whole time because otherwise I would have been way too carsick and there were times I'd go around a curve and see a steep steep steep hill coming and have that feeling of right when a roller coaster starts moving of "there's no way I can do this, let me off" but knowing there's no way out.  We also had a little almost-ran-out-of-gas moment as we noticed our gauge said 0 miles to empty when we were about 20 minutes up a mountain with absolutely zero cell service.  We turned around, laid off the gas completely and coasted back down the mountain to the nearest gas station.  Good thing we decided to turn around too, because it was about 2 1/2 hours up said mountain until we saw the next gas station. 

Our first official stop was Glass Beach- a beautiful stop where we could stick our toes in the Pacific Ocean for the first time, admire the breathtaking views and look at the sea glass.  Unfortunately, although there are signs everywhere saying not to take the sea glass the beach was full of people collecting it by the bag full and you could tell it was taking a toll.  Fun fact: the sea glass is there because back in the day (a Wednesday, by the way) it was used as a dumping ground for trash.  All of the gross stuff decomposed and the rest turned to beautiful sea glass.

We also stopped in the Redwood Forest for some photo ops with the huge trees.  We felt so stupid-- we knew we were going through it but didn't have cell service (which we depended on for maps) for most of the drive and kept saying "wow, these trees are huge", not realizing we'd been driving through the Redwood Forest for hours.  We kept thinking surely there'd be a welcome sign or something to let us know we'd officially arrived but I guess not everyone is dummies like us. 

At some point along the drive Dan said "I wonder where that tree you can drive through is" and I kid you not-less than 10 minutes later we passed a sign for that very tree-the Chandelier Tree. 

Once we made it sleepily into Eugene we went to Hop Valley Brewing company.  As it turns out, Oregon is IPA capital of the world, so we of course had to do a beer tasting (with some nachos on the side). 

I keep planning to put multiple days into one post and one day turns into a super long post...I guess I just have too much to say and too many pictures to share :-)  Still to come: Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver- including play time with a beluga whale and ziplines at Grouse Mountain!  

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Sooo I got a little behind on the honeymoon recap, although I do have excuses (some of them even good ones).  Thursday my grandmother had her pacemaker put in so while her and my mom were at the hospital my sister and I stayed with her 2 incredibly senile dachshunds (side note: how do you pronounce that?  I've always said dak-sund but a girl in Houston called hers a dash-hound).  After noooo sleep (one dog is blind and gets stuck in corners throughout the night and also has to go out about every 2 hours) Dan and I went to the beach for the weekend.  I did take my computer and planned to blog but instead I enjoyed napping, trips to the sandbar and kayaking.  

Lucy had the best time at the sandbar.  There were lots of playful dogs there that she had a blast running around with and surprisingly she was one of the few not scared of the water.  She'd run up and down the sandbar with them then out into the water and would lay down and they'd all just stare at her like they couldn't believe she went in the water. 

And, if you're wondering, the words on the side of the canoe say "I Work for the State" and on the other side it says "Teacher's Pay".  Yes, working for the public school system gives you the summers off to enjoy time at the beach but it won't buy you any yachts :-) 

We had a blast in the kayaks and definitely got a good arm workout in-they were sore the next day.  And that lovely table there where I enjoyed my coffee at every morning?  My mom and aunt made that!  I'm pretty impressed with their carpentry skills and some of the neighbors even stopped by wanting to know where it came from.  Post retirement business idea for them?

Nowadays I'm holed up in bed with DVDs, ice cream and pain meds following having my wisdom teeth removed.  I'm fine with the doctor, shots, blood drawn and all of that--I kind of like it actually.  I'm a little weird and find the process of finding veins interesting to watch, even when the veins in question are my own weird ones (I have issues every time I donate blood).  Things having to do with my head, however, I do not do well with.  It didn't take long for my dentist to realize how much trouble I go to to avoid the dentist and after she caught me canceling appointments a few too many times for being "sick" and I kept showing up for cleaning appointments with the wisdom teeth I promised her I'd get out still there she sat me down to tell me it would be harder the longer I waited and that she could definitely find someone to put me to sleep for the procedure.  Laughing gas was just not enough.  

So, I finally caved and went through with the procedure and I have to say it's not been that bad.  After some laughing gas they put the IV in my arm and told me they wouldn't put the anesthesia in yet, the surgeon would come do that.  Then I heard a bunch of whispering and 5 people were crowded around my arm.  I asked what was wrong and they said they had lost my vein and couldn't figure out why and that they didn't believe the blood pressure thing was working because it was too low to be true, so they were waiting for the surgeon to come in and figure it out.  I was a little concerned at this point, then all of a sudden there was only one person there asking me how I was feeling.  I said "alright, but a little scared".  "Why?", she asked, "your husband's on his way back to take you home, you're all finished".  

Guess they got that IV back in fine.  

Lucy and Linus have been my cuddle buddies for many OC, Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother marathons every since.  As soon as I got home Lucy cautiously approached me laying in bed and thoroughly sniffed my mouth before giving me ginger kisses all over my cheeks. 

How can you not adore dogs?? 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wine Country

Saturday morning we got up bright and early to explore wine country, starting with a trip to John Anthony in downtown Napa.  Once we found out there was a place with my dad's name we had to visit and snag him some wine glasses with the logo on them while we did some tasting.  There was also an In and Out burger in the area so we stopped there for some west coast fast food before heading out to where the vineyards are. 

We kind of randomly chose Castello di Amorosa to do a tour at, calling to make a reservation on the way there.  The owner also owns and operates V. Sattui Winery and built a large medieval replica castle on the grounds.  We didn't know much about the place going into it and when the tour guide was going through the history we were getting kind of frustrated, thinking the whole tour was going to be about a fake castle.  Thankfully, that part didn't last long and the castle was pretty neat to admire.  We also did a tasting, including one straight from one of the barrels down in the cellar.  The guide used a tool called a thief to pull some out and it was really not tasty--definitely needed a while longer in the barrel.  The whole area was beautiful and driving around we just couldn't stop taking pictures.  

Late afternoon we made the drive over to Sonoma--a long, extremely windy drive over a mountain.  By the time we got to Sonoma neither of us wanted a sip of wine, so we walked around admiring the area and had dinner.  I think what we enjoyed the most about wine country was all of the scenery.  We spent a lot of time walking and driving around just staring and saying "wow".  

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

San Francisco

We spent the first night of our honeymoon in a tiny hotel within the gates of China Town in San Francisco, arriving there at around 11:00 local time (2 am to us).  Even though both the cab driver and the guy working at the front desk told us everywhere would be closed we set out immediately to search for some Chinese food and managed to find a place within about 20 minutes.  After a delicious late night meal we opened the windows in our tiny, air-conditionless hotel room and slept very soundly with the sounds of the street noise in the background. 

We got up an moving bright and early for our first full day, picking up bagels at a tiny convenient store to eat breakfast while we walked around town.  I used the GPS on my phone to track where we went and we walked over 8 miles that first day.  We started by wandering around Buena Vista park then walked through the Haight-Ashbury district just enjoying the differentness of the area and checking out little stores along the way, including an awesome bookstore I remembered from my first trip. 

After stopping for lunch we rented bikes and explored Golden Gate park including the AIDS memorial garden and the Japanese Tea Garden.  The park itself is huge and each area of it is really different.  We could have spent all day exploring the park if we'd had more time. 

And of course a trip to San Francisco isn't complete without walking around Fisherman's Wharf (including Musee de Mecanique, an arcade filled with antique machines you play for a quarter) and  enjoying ice cream at Ghirardelli Square.  

With tired feet we finally picked up the car we rented to hit the road for wine country, but not before driving down the steep, crooked part of Lombard Street (which was hard to photograph) and driving up into the mountains on the other side of the Golden Gate bridge for the beautiful views and to play with the self-timer on our camera.  We also stopped along the way in downtown Sausalito to enjoy live music and Sangria and watch the sun set over the bay.  

Wikipedia's picture of Lombard Street
Up next...Napa/Sonoma!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

30 before 30

Over a year ago I started working on a list of 30 things to do before I turn 30.  I've just had a word document open on my computer for awhile and when I'd have one of those conversations where you say "I'd like to do that someday" I'd throw it on the list until I ended up with 30 items.  When it came time to plan our honeymoon I'd been talking about this list for awhile and we decided to do some of the things on my list.  So, before I start a ton of honeymoon recapping, here's my 30 before 30 list! 

1.    Zipline
2.    Go white water rafting
3.    Make crème brulee
4.    Bake a cake from scratch
5.    Read the Bible cover to cover
6.    Go on a Mediterranean cruise
7.    Go somewhere warm in the middle of winter
8.    Water ski
9.    Go to a drive-in movie
10.                  Visit Canada
11.                  Go horseback riding
12.                  Camp out on the beach
13.                  Go on a sailboat tour
14.                  Take a ballet class
15.                  Take dance lessons with Dan
16.                  Learn to change a flat tire
17.                  Learn basic sewing skills
18.                  Run a 5K
19.                  Buy a house
20.                  Learn to shoot a gun
21.                  Take krav maga
22.                  Visit the Northeast Ivy League colleges
23.                  Buy a car
24.                  Take a cooking class
25.                  Take a photography class
26.                  Visit the Virgin Islands
27.                  Snow ski
28.                  Learn how to use a grill
29.                  Go to an NFL game
30.  Go to an NBA game

Stay tuned to see which of these we did on our honeymoon :-)
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