Saturday, March 3, 2012

Nerd Fest 2012

Last week I was nerding it up at our annual national convention that was held in Philadelphia this year.  I've been the past two years (last year was in San Francisco) and hope to make it to as many as I can, though some years it's much easier than others (next year is Seattle).  Aside from lots of conference going it's fun to get out and explore a new city.  June and I definitely hit up a lot of sessions and spent a good amount of time exploring the Exhibitor's hall (may have come home with some books I couldn't afford) but we also put in a lot of sightseeing time as well.  This year the 5k was a DIY and they had three different routes so we chose the 4 mile one (that we turned into a 4.5 mile) and just leisurely walked it hitting up all the touristy spots for a day of photo-ops.

We also made sure to hit up the Mutter Museum, an awesome museum I've been wanting to go to for years.  My sister and I saw a feature on it some morning when we were flipping channels at the beach and have been dying to go ever since--she was super jealous.  It's part of the College of Physicians and is a medical museum full of embalmed bodies and organs, skeletons and all sorts of medical abnormalities.  It's definitely not a place for those with weak stomachs but those weirdos that love watching surgeries (me) it's absolutely amazing.  Unfortunately, (or maybe fortunately for those who don't want to see this stuff) they don't let you take pictures inside.  Just trust me-go.

Another highlight was having dinner at City Tavern, what used to be referred to as the "unofficial White House".  Although the original burned down it's been fully restored to be exactly like it was before and now operates as a restaurant.  All of the food is based on recipes from Martha Washington's cookbook and you get bread from her cookbook and can order cocktails from it also.  It's lit by candles and you drink from pewter chalices.  The servers wear 18th century clothing and it'll be the coolest restaurant you ever visit.
  Not a bad way to spend a week!
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