Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Sleepover

For our final year of grad school {eek!} we have one meeting per month back on campus and we decided to turn the night of this past meeting into a Christmas sleepover to celebrate the holidays.  Dan was super nice and went to stay with a friend for the night, but before he left he put my bed, his bed, an air mattress and the futon on the floor in our living room for us to sleep on.  We baked red velvet cake balls, did Christmas crafts, watched Christmas Vacation & Elf and drank wine until way past our normal bed times.  The craft we decided to do was pretty simple and I'm pleased with how mine turned out.
I've been sooo tired ever since our sleepover and enjoyed a nap both Saturday and Sunday.  I kept trying to be productive but failing miserably.  I did finally make it out Sunday evening to get some last minute things done, including buying and wrapping our first gifts of the season.  We sponsored a girl from one of the schools I work at and had so much fun picking out things for a kid.  Crayola makes some cool stuff!

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