Saturday, October 29, 2011

Booooo {kids are germy}

Last Friday I was working with a kid who would. not. stop. coughing.  Snot everywhere.  He kept assuring me he felt fine until about an hour in when he says "my head feels hot".  Straight to the school nurse we go.  He didn't have a fever but went home sick anyway.  Massive handwashing episode followed.  I made it through the weekend ok and thought I'd dodged this one, but Monday had a slightly sore throat that since then has just snowballed to an all out cold that will not go away.  Possibly the most frustrating part (I know, I'm a fatty) is I cannot taste anything.  I know when you're sick a lot of times your taste buds are dulled but I mean really absolutely ZERO taste.  It's bizarre. I guess it's a good time to eat as much healthy food as possible..?  Needless to say, another Carolina game I'm missing- and it's going well!  Instead, this is my Saturday...
They say after your first few years in the schools you get this super amazing kick butt immune system...still waiting for that gift to arrive.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Weekend we Needed a Break

Things have been pretty stressful around our house so we decided this past weekend we needed to get out of town and have some time to recover between weeks.  We headed to the beach and aside from a tiny I-forgot-my-dad-had-my-key incident the weekend was just what we needed.  We'll just ignore Friday night where we spent the night calling different emergency numbers to try to get let in and fast forward to Saturday, shall we?

Dan and I both got up pretty early Saturday from the awesome sleep we got Friday night and we headed to the new Aquarium first.  I say new, but it's actually been finished (by finished I mean redone) for quite a few years now but we haven't managed to get there since it reopened so it was new to us.  We had perfect timing and got there just as the live dive with the sharks started.  One of the divers had a microphone and earpiece so the audience asked her questions that she answered from right there inside the tank.  After the show we got up close to the glass and got a real good look at the teeth of a shark that was about the size of the one we accidentally took a swim with a few years ago and wow, I'm glad that guy wasn't hungry at the time.
These sharks were sleeping EXACTLY the way Lucy and Linus do.
Right when that ended the sea otter enrichment started.  For this they hid food all around the exhibit while the otters were locked in the back then let them go and we all watched as they ran around like crazy looking for the food.  They were so playful it was like watching a bunch of aerodynamic puppies that loved to be underwater.

After exploring the aquarium for awhile we headed to Beaufort for lunch on the water.  The weather was perfect (70 and sunny) and after a delicious lunch of shrimp burgers we spent most of the rest of the afternoon wandering around enjoying the view and the cute little shops.  Most importantly we stopped at the General Store for the most delicious ice cream ever-you can't go to Beaufort and not stop by for some of this ice cream.

On the way back from Beaufort we spotted a pumpkin patch at  Presbyterian Church so of course we had to stop.  They had a good selection of pumpkins, which apparently is a hot commodity around here, and we got 2 big ones to carve and 3 small ones to paint.

Finally we rounded up the night with dinner at Ruddy Duck's.  I was really wanting a crab cake sandwich so we sought out a place we could eat by the water that had crab cake sandwiches and wasn't too far away and this was just the place, complete with beer from mason jars.  It was my first time there but I'd heard good things and now that I've been I definitely plan to return!

Of course the weekend wouldn't be complete without letting Lucy go crazy on the beach.  She absolutely loves it and remembers which direction it's in so always begs to head that way but in the summer when it's so hot and crowded we can't always take her over there.  This time of year was perfect for her, she just about had the whole beach to herself and the cold water doesn't deter her from swimming at all.

The weekend was just what we needed to recharge and come back to Greenville ready to hit the ground running at the start of the new week!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

What I Love About Sundays

1.  My awesome fiance made us french toast and bacon for brunch.

2.  He also bought cinnamon sugar butter--delicious.  I'm so looking forward to some toast with cinnamon sugar butter in the am.

3.  We met with the preacher today for our second meeting.  I know this is supposed to be one of those intimidating chores you have to do before the wedding, but we actually like it.  It's a chance to talk about some real important things with a neutral party there to help out.

4.  We had open-faced sandwiches for dinner with my parents, brother, sister and grandmother.

5.  There was chocolate chess pie for dessert.

6.  I painted my nails this new pretty fall color from Essie.

"Island Hopping"
7.  It's finally time for the Kardashian wedding to air!!

8.  All the sheets in the house have been sanitized and I'm saying a big "see ya never" to this sickness that's killed me the past week.

9.  A new week begins, time for a fresh start!

Weekend Fail

Last weekend was supposed to be a fun-filled weekend with Pippa's birthday party on Friday, tailgating and having friends over for the UNC-ECU game Saturday, a Frank Sinatra play at DPAC on Sunday, then heading to Winston-Salem from Sunday-Tuesday for the NCSPA fall conference.

Well...Friday during Pippa's Elizapalooza my head started hurting, and by the time we were on the way home it was a stage 5 headache and I was miserable.  I fell asleep within about 5 minutes just to wake up around 5 am with a fever of 102.6 and then real misery set in.  I can't remember a time I've ever been so sick--and it lasted forever.  I watched the game from home, didn't make it to the play, and made two trips to the doctor instead.  Turns out student health misdiagnosed me and gave me medicine that was making me worse, not better.  After a trip to my regular doctor (and neighbor) in Wilson on Tuesday I finally got the right meds and am getting better, but it was a loooong week.  I only went to work on Friday, so I'm out of sick days now, and I barely ate anything for a week straight, losing about 10 pounds in 1 week...too bad it's probably all back now that I'm eating again.

I was able to suck it up and put on my big girl pants long enough to drive to Winston-Salem on Monday, present my poster, and collapse in the hotel room for the night so I can cross "present thesis" off of my list.  I forgot to take the classic standing with your poster picture, but I did get a phone picture of the poster.  I also talked to the president of NASP (!!)...I realize that's interesting to only a handful of people but it was a big moment...while I was rocking a fever, no makeup, dirty hair and not my best outfit...

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