Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sick Kitty

We thought after getting Linus checked out on Friday when he returned from his big adventure things were calming down a bit, but it turned out to be another sleepless week around here. Linus started out Saturday just a little sick, we were watching him and thought he was just a little puny from still recovering.  Sunday he was real sick.  Throwing up round the clock, not eating or drinking, miserable.  We took him Sunday afternoon to the emergency vet where they ran all sorts of tests on him and couldn't figure out what it was.  They gave us some antibiotics and said we could take him home but to bring him back if anything changed.

At home we couldn't get any of the medicine into him, the poor guy was absolutely miserable and wouldn't even walk anywhere.  So, another trip to the emergency vet and he was hooked up to IV antibiotics and fluids and had to stay over night.  Since they close at 7 and the regular vet opens at 7:30 and Dan was flying to Alabama for the day I called in late to work to pick him up and take him to the regular vet to be re-hooked up to the IVs to spend the day.  That night he was allowed to sleep at home but he went right back the next morning for another day of IV antibiotics and fluids.  He was so pitiful that night, he just wanted to be held and we tried to make it easy for him to get to everything he needed but even though the vet assured us he was perfectly capable of walking with his catheter in he didn't believe her and just laid around like that leg didn't work and cried when he wanted to be moved from one spot to another.  

FINALLY, he seems to have recovered.  He still gets an oral antibiotic every morning and that's a huge battle because he really hates it but (knock on wood) I think we've got our happy, loving kitty back.

We were sure to point out to him that for the cost of his vet bills this week we could have EACH gotten ourselves an ipad like we've been eyeing.  I'm sure he understood.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Cat Came Back (not the very next day)

Our little Linus boy decided last Saturday morning it was time for an adventure and escaped from us.  Needless to say, this has not been a good week for our family.  Late at night (like between midnight and 5 am) he would explore a little and we'd see him in the cul-de-sac creeping around close to the houses.  He'd also come stand in the end of our driveway and just stare at the house, but whenever we began to approach him he'd get spooked and run off.  We got pretty close a couple of times and he just looked so extremely terrified and couldn't decide if we were to be trusted or not.  He didn't even look like himself-his pupils were so dilated that his eyes were just these black discs with no green whatsoever.  It was very creepy.

Dan and I moved both beds into the living room and slept on the floor in there the whole week with the front door open so we could watch through the storm door for him.  Sleep was extremely minimal all week as we watched the door and several times throughout the night would jump up to run out when we saw him.  In the process of trying to catch Linus by putting out food and his toys and opening the garage door a crack to lure him back in we attracted about 5 strays.  It seemed like everyday a new one showed up.  (Speaking of, they're still around and we don't know what to do with them so if anyone wants a kitten some of them are super duper cute).  Animal control couldn't help b/c of the strays and the shelter being full- apparently if they caught one their only option would be to release them where the found them so that'd be pretty pointless and it was unlikely Linus would be the one caught since he was mainly hanging out a couple of houses down.  Apparently also you're not allowed to set traps on other people's property, even if you get their permission.  I'm supremely upset with the shelter and Humane Society b/c after several messages and emails from both of us we've not heard a word from them.  Thanks, guys.

Anyway, around 1am Friday morning Dan woke me up (did I forget to mention I was sick? Yea, cough syrup knocks you out even when your kitty is loose) to say Linus had run into the back yard, so he'd shut the gate.  We weren't sure if he could jump the fence since he doesn't have claws, but it turns out he can b/c he sat on top of the fence for about an hour.  We didn't want to spook him so we decided to just open the back door and let him decide for himself.  I drifted off again and then was woken by a soft meow right by my ear.  We stood back to give him some space for a minute b/c we weren't sure how he'd react to us after being wild for a week, but Mr. Vanastercat (my mom calls cats that, I'm not sure why) just waltzed in like he'd never left.  Lucy showered him with kisses and he curled up next to me to sleep just like nothing had ever changed.

He had to go to the vet to be checked out and needed a thorough bathing but other than that he's back to being his spoiled and very loving self, and our happy family is whole once again :-)

This picture is just too funny--glamour shots anyone?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Introducing Kelly

I come from a big family of pet lovers.  In our house we have:


My parents have:
(ok that's not Hal, I don't have a picture of him.  This is off the internet)

My parents have now added to this zoo with another teeny teacup Yorkie.


Lucy puts up with the little ones but she really prefers friends she can run and tumble with.  Ruby tolerates Kelly.  Kit stays hidden from Kelly (and Lucy).  But the big buds are Kelly and Linus.  They were fast friends and wore each other out at the beach this past weekend. 


Yea, it's a zoo, but we love them.  We may or may not be feeding three stray cats that need good homes...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Store Bought Doll

Labor Day weekend was spent as it should be-at the beach.  Aside from the shock of seeing the poor trailer the weekend was beautiful!  If you've never been to somewhere that's burned down, oh my goodness it's worse than you would think.  I foolishly thought since the fire was only in the kitchen the rest of the place would be pretty much as we left it, and I was sooo wrong.  Everything was black and things like blinds and strips from the ceiling were melted all the way in the back bedroom.  I was able to find my favorite childhood book in the toy bucket in the back with just one scorch mark across the back (and a strong smokey scent).  I present to you, The Store Bought Doll.

I carried this book around from person to person begging them to read it to me for years, long after I was perfectly capable of reading it myself.  [Extended] Cliff notes version: This little girl lives on a farm and has a favorite rag doll she climbs tress with and has picnics with and generally does everything with.  One day a city man comes by and needs her dad to help him fix his car.  As a thank you he brings her back a china doll and she forgets all about her rag doll, leaving her sad in a heap in the corner.  Then she figures out the china doll is nice, but she can't do any of the fun things she did with her rag doll with the new doll because it's so fragile.  She goes home to find her old rag doll, tucks the china doll away safe and resumes her friendship with the rag doll.

I know you wanted to hear that whole story.

I was a somewhat sensitive child and I always felt SO BAD for the poor rag doll when it was left alone. So, inevitably after every re-reading of the story I would think of some toy I hadn't been playing with much recently and feel so sorry for it I'd want to give it lots and lots of attention.  Problem was, this book lived at the beach and my toys lived in Wilson, so once realizing the awful neglect I'd inflicted on said toy I then couldn't get back to make it feel better for days.  

Yea, I was a weird kid.  I'm perfectly normal now though, pinkie swear.  And now I've got the book so I can pass on this weirdness to my future kids.  


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