Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why I haven't posted in awhile...

This is my life at the moment:

I'll be back after finishing my case report, my neuro exam and taking the Praxis on Saturday.  Woohoooo!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Brittany

This weekend I headed home for the annual Brittany Willis Memorial Scholarship Soccer Showcase (notice it's "Showcase" not "Tournament".  The awards at The Brittany are not given to the team that scores the most goals, but to the player from each team who exhibits the most sportsmanship. I've gone to this showcase every year since it started in 2005 and every year it is both difficult and at the same time overwhelmingly positive.  It's hard to not dwell on the fact this event exists because of a terrible day where a best friend since she taught me to catch our kindergarten class pet so I could be a "rabbit catcher" with her was taken away before we could start college together and to focus instead on the fact that almost 7 years later the town still spends a weekend remembering her enthusiasm and joy.  This year upon arriving with another of my oldest friends we were amazed by the schedule that listed 70 teams as we remembered the first year when there were 18 teams.  Other than the amount of people in attendance, not much has changed.  Familiar faces are there volunteering every year, strangers talk about how they've been touched by Brittany's story, and safety whistles are handed out to all the team members.  Before that summer I rarely even locked my car doors and if nothing else I hope hearing the story behind the tournament educates girls about safety without having to experience the summer we did that year.

Go here to read more about this amazing event--and take a self-defense class!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ain't no road to long if we meet in the middle...

This past weekend Dan and I met at the halfway point between us, Asheville.  This is the second time we've done it and even though he's moving back soon we still spent a lot of time planning things we'd do the next trip.  My grandparents both grew up in Asheville and my mom was born there, so I've visited a lot in my life and it never gets old.  It's such a relaxing place and it's great to be away from all responsibilities for awhile.  This weekend we went to Biltmore for the second time.  We were hoping for a little warmth since the last time we were there it was for the Christmas decorations so it was cold and it rained, but it turns out this weekend was cold again.  It was however sunny, and beautiful as always.  We didn't spend much time in the house since we'd done that recently, but we went to the same place for lunch and enjoyed their spring menu.  Afterwards we enjoyed a nice long carriage ride that was so peaceful and got to see parts of the estate you don't normally see.

We spent the rest of the weekend exploring the city.  Saturday we mostly walked around downtown, checking out cute little stores (with a mandatory trip to Tops, the biggest shoe store ever), people watching, and enjoying yummy food before watching the Kentucky game.  One of the greatest things about Asheville though is exploring the landscape.  You can pretty much drive down a random road and find a place to turn off where there will be a path you can follow to check out rivers, mountains and beautiful waterfalls.  Before parting ways on Sunday this is how we spent our day, mostly sitting by some water and taking in the beauty.

Now it's back to reality--3 weeks until the end of the semester!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

You're gonna miss this...

Lately I've been spending so much time counting down until big things happen...4 weeks until the semester ends and all I have to worry about is thesis...1 or 2 months until Dan moves back from Kentucky...3-4 months until I move and have multiple rooms (studio apartment is starting to feel really cramped...maybe Lucy will even have a back yard!)...almost down to a year before we're married... I'm living more in the rush-to-the-present than the present.  Dan and I met in the middle (Asheville) this weekend (I'm waiting for him to get moving so we can go do something!), and on the way here heard an old country song that made me think about this time.  It's not great that we live 10 hours away from each other, and grad school is tough, but I'm sure one day we'll look back on this forgetting the bad and only remembering the good.  Before we had jobs, more responsibilities, kids, and got into a routine.  It's rough during the month or two when we don't see each other at all, but then we meet somewhere like Asheville where we don't have any housework to do or errands to run or know people, and it's just the two of us starting every day with "Ok, what do we want to explore today?"  This past year we've done some pretty cool things during the time we've seen each other-we've toured bourbon distilleries, visited wineries, gone to a horse race, been to Biltmore twice (took a carriage ride yesterday!), gone hiking, and so much more.  Would we have had adventures like this had when been together in Greenville, or would we have let stress take over and spent all our weekends doing work (like most weekends are)?  I'm ready for it to be over, but I bet one day we will miss this.

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