Monday, February 28, 2011

Everything is Bigger in Texas...

{especially layovers}

This week I'll be taking each day to recap my trip to San Francisco since it's infinitely more interesting that what this week consists of.  Last Monday I was up with a begrudgingly helpful Dan at 3 am to head to the airport.  The first flight was a pretty quick and painless one.  I focused my attention on coloring Disney princesses to distract myself from freaking out over every bump or sound with only a few times bugging my friend next to me (is that supposed to happen?!).  Theeen we landed in Dallas... and stayed forever.  There was a mechanical issue with our plane (just what I want to hear) and it was delayed several times before they decided it wasn't going to fly and found us a plane coming from Canada we could use.  This moved us to the international terminal that was much more fun that where we'd been hanging out, and at approaching 24 hours of no sleep we found a nice pub to de-stress at-AND it had Strongbow, my favorite drink from when I did study abroad in England.

After finally getting on the plane, some more coloring and freaking out we finally made it to the West Coast and checked in at our Hotel, the Hilton in Union Square.  Exhausted and hungry we spruced up and headed to China town to explore and have some dinner.  We took a recommendation for a place named Oriental Pearl and after perusing the menu (fun fact: perusing means to examine carefully, contrary to its popular use as "browsing") we had all decided on what we thought would be our meals.  However, the waitress (I think /owner) said no, that's not what you want and ordered for us.  I don't know what we would have gotten but what she picked was a-w-e-s-o-s-o-m-e.  I definitely feel cheated in the area of Chinese food around here now.  After sleep that night we were much more adventurous the rest of the week so stay tuned for more adventures!
pretty lanterns and such in China Town

Sunday, February 20, 2011

California, here we come

Tomorrow I'm heading to San Francisco for the week for a conference, a 5K and tons and bunches of sightseeing!  I've never been farther west than New Orleans and I'm suuuper excited (I WILL stick my feet in the Pacific Ocean no matter how cold it is!).  I leave here at about 3am, drop Lucy off for a week with Vivi and Boompah and head to Raleigh for an early flight (the part I'm not looking forward to).  I'm really scared of flying-everytime I see a plane I feel sorry for the people on it and feel so grateful to be on the ground (I attribute my fear of flying to everyone, I mean who in their right mind likes to fly?!)  Whenever I plan a trip the first thing I consider is do I really have to fly to get there?  I've tried unsuccessfully more than once to talk Dan into taking a train to Chicago (it's a super long ride fyi).  I realize people fly every day and it's safer than cars and blah, blah, blah but it's just not right.  It's not really I'm scared of crashing, I can't stand being trapped and having absolutely no control with a bunch of strangers.  I like exit strategies and skydiving isn't an option...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What the night after a *hard* test looks like...

I needed some serious relaxation time to make up for the extreme lack of sleep and stress I'd been working with, so last night was take out sushi, wine in my lovely Valentine's day wine glasses my mom gave me and catching up on the DVR.  Absolutely perfect :-)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Coping [with] Cat

This past summer my parents found a teeny tiny kitten hanging out on their deck hungry, thirsty and I'm sure burning up as it was over 100 during this time period.  I swear strays know we're suckers for animals and come looking.  They already have too many animals, so I took in this furball after trapping him with a contraption Dan constructed (he's always "inventing" things).  We may have mocked him a lot at first, but it ended up working so he got the last laugh in the end I guess.  We named him Linus, because we already had Lucy (van Pelt), and I took him to the vet the next morning to discover he was a few months old but only weighed one pound and had all sorts of parasites and issues.  After nursing him back to health he's since been possibly the weirdest member of our family, and that's a tough position to win.

To start with, he thinks he's a dog.  He's constantly stealing Lucy's rawhides and the two of them play wrestle together just like dogs.  Visitors tend to be horrified I allow my 60 pound lab to roll around on the floor wrestling with the cat, but I promise he likes it and if you pull them apart he goes back for more.      And when I say plays like a dog, I mean it-no batting his paws around or crouching to pounce, but all out biting Lucy's head and rolling around.  He also has none of the standoffish behavior most cats have-he jumps right in the labs of strangers and wants to be held allll the time.

He does have a few cat behaviors though--he cares absolutely not one bit if you're mad at him, and he loves to hide in small places.  A couple of nights ago I went to do laundry and was greeted with this perfectly normal sight:
"Oh, don't mind me, just taking a nap in the washing machine"

He also tries to be like a cat and walk gracefully along countertops and bookshelves and such, as most cats do without problems.  We learned this week in neuro cats have amazing cerebellums that allow them to do this-my parents cat can weave in between dozens of tightly placed picture frames on a table in our house without even nudging one.  Not Linus.  Maybe it's all the studying, but I'm beginning to think Linus may have some cerebral damage.  One of his favorite games is to run back and forth across the length of my apartment, which wouldn't worry me except he doesn't stop before he hits the wall.  He just runs smack into it, shakes off, and starts running again.  He also knocks things down allll the time.  Yesterday I came home to find my favorite martini glasses my aunt gave me were no longer sitting pretty on my bookshelf.  Here's one of them:
The other is nowhere to be found.  How a cat manages to run off with a martini glass is beyond me.  The only thing I can assume is while I'm gone he has martini parties with a friend down the hall.  I guess he had a few too many and left one at the friend's apartment and broke the other when trying to replace it in a drunken stupor.  Maybe that explains the running into walls too...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Go to hell Dook!

I thought it was a good day to keep this video in mind.  And yes, it's the edited version, but you know where to find the real one if you desire :-)

I'll be spending the game booing at Dook with classmates at my apartment while we also boo at the neuro. we're studying.  Boo Dook, Boo grad school.

Go Heels, Go America!

Monday, February 7, 2011


Dan got amazing news today-he's getting transferred back to Greenville!!  They first have to find a replacement for him and get that person trained for his current job, and he'll need some training for the new job (which means more trips to Greenville!).  Right now it's looking like April-ish, so that's suuuuper exciting :-)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl Party: Grad School Edition

As I dropped Dan off at the airport today we laughed at how lame we are this year: he's spending the Superbowl at the airport in Charlotte for a long layover while I'm spending it working on my thesis.  Aren't we just so fun?  We promised next year we'd do something awesome to make up for this year.
rocking party-I know you're jealous

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