Monday, January 24, 2011

Just another manic Monday...

Mondays are no fun.  This semester in particular makes Mondays all the more worse--I start out leaving my house at 7:15 to go to practicum, go straight to a lab meeting, then straight to class and fiiiiinally get home at about 9:00.  Awesome.  I also was super smart tonight and left my phone in class.  Bright side: I'll be back at about 7:40 tomorrow morning anyway so I'm sure it'll still be waiting for me.  At least I come home to snuggle with these cutie pies when I get home.  Grading papers will have to wait, my bed is calling me for an early bedtime :-)
We all spoon at night... it'll be a crowded bed once we're married...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Beach Snow

This week was a particularly stressful one, full of anxiety over finding an internship for next year.  Things are looking better than they were at one point though, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed and praying it all works out like everyone keeps saying it does.  As stress relief I decided to head to the beach with my sister and our neighbors.  I looove the beach in the winter when everything is closed and there's nobody there, it's so peaceful and I get the best sleep ever.  After an awesome night's sleep we woke up Saturday to snow?!  This was a shock, it wasn't in the forecast and we certainly weren't prepared for the 7 inches we got!  The bridge was closed so we were trapped on the island with no groceries and nowhere to go.  We did manage to scrounge up some supplies from the gas station down the road and get a pizza before it got too bad (from next door to the gas station), and we did lots of playing cards and laughing at Lucy playing in the snow.  The wind was unbelievable, bringing the snow in at a complete horizontal-when you opened the door you just got smacked in the face by snow and couldn't open your eyes.  We did get a kick out of our hair flying around in the wind and snow though while Lucy danced around us.

"We whip our hair back and forth we whip our hair back and forth..."
On a related note a friend shared this video with me that we watched several times...

Moral of the story: sometimes when life gets stressful you just need to whip your hair.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Fun & Work Weekend

Although this semester is already kicking my tail leaving me doing tons of work on the weekends, this long holiday weekend was also filled with fun with family and friends.  Saturday I visited the family I used to babysit for and spent hours playing games (new favs: Headbandz and Uno Attack) and laughing with two adorable little boys and their parents and catching up.  Sometimes with all the stress of grad school and practicum the laughing faces of adorable kids feels sooo good and is just what you need, and I've missed them so much.  That night I met up with two friends I haven't seen in what feels like forever and enjoyed good food, lots of laughs, catching up and reminiscing.  It was just what I needed.

Sunday was the one year anniversary of the day my grandma died, and we celebrated her memory the perfect way.  My dad's sister and brother, their spouses and my little cousin came over to our house and we spent the evening eating, drinking, laughing (my family is soooo funny), and cheering on the Heels (to an unfortunate loss, oh well).  My dad has gotten very into cooking ribs recently.  He watches shows, read books, has tweaked his recipe many times, made labels for his sauces, rubs and tools, and instated a family rib night once a week.  I don't normally eat ribs, but his I like so that says a lot about his skills.  He's also into monogrammed shirts, which we of course mock him for ("scared you'll forget your name?"), and now has a "rib grilling shirt", as he calls it.

 Recently he's expanded his cooking skills to include onion rings, which were also amaaazing.

The get-together also brought some other happy happy news, my cousin is engaged!!  We're so happy for them, and it was very fitting for the day because my grandma was dead set on getting him hitched, always trying to hook him up with whoever was around her, nurses, waitresses, random people she ran across...  I know she'd be absolutely thrilled with the news, as we all are.  Jill, if you're reading this I expect a website to keep me updated on your plans too!

I guess I've procrastinated enough and should get back to internship applying, thesis work, and reading neuro... oh, joy.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Why I'm not a Mathematician

1.  I had to call my mom to ask her how to spell mathematician (spelling's not a strong suit either)

2.  When I calculated the days in February Dan would be here I was way off... 3 days have now been added to his trip so I said "yay, you'll be here 20 of February's 28 days"!  He was polite enough to stifle his laugh as he said no, it was actually 15 days.

3.  When trying to figure out how long it would take me to screen 125 kids at 5 minutes per kid a. I had to use a calculator and b. it took me an embarrassingly long amount of time to understood why my advisor told me to subtract 1 from the number to divide the amount of minutes needed for each helper I got (answer: I'd already counted myself, duh).

4.  I asked someone yesterday what 25 times 4 was and stared in awe when they answered me right away without a calculator.

5.  After my mom told me a band we were looking at was $10,000 I told her I read somewhere the average band costs between "fifteen and thirty-five thousand", so that $10,000 band was real expensive.... yea, I meant "fifteen to thirty-five HUNDRED.  After a certain amount all numbers are the same to me....

6.  I could keep on going forever...

I guess I didn't pick up any of my dad's math skills (he's a CPA) soooo nature and nurture both failed me in this area.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fabulous February

Got great news today-not only will Dan be here from February 2-6 for a meeting, now he'll also be here from February 14-20 for some training!  That means 17 out of the 28 days of February we'll see each other, which I'm soooo excited about.  It's also a huge plus that we'll actually see each other on Valentine's Day, a day I thought I'd be spending lonely and sad.  Now if only the neuropsychology exam scheduled for the 15th would get moved... 21 days to go!! :-)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Leaving Lexington

Booo, had to come home today.  On the plus side I set a new record for the drive-about 8 1/2 hours door to door, only stopped once :-)  It was great Dan and I got to be together for a full 3 1/2 weeks, and leaving was just about as hard as the first time we did this.  I guess we got out of the habit of only seeing each other for a few days at a time so it made it harder to part ways.  He'll be coming here February 2-6, so let the countdown begin!  We had a great lazy last day together, starting by making pancakes, bacon and screwdrivers, then he got a haircut and I got a mani/pedi, we shopped a little, relaxed watching the snow and had Bonefish takeout yumm  Now it's back to the daily grind, but with some good memories from a wonderful Christmas.
We can't get a good picture of all of us at once.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


One other thing was decided even before we were engaged: footwear.  When I was little I was OBSESSED with the Wizard of Oz.  My grandma made me Dorothy's dress and I wore it over my clothes every day, complete with the ruby red slippers, of course.  I acted out the whole thing out and even made my cat play the part of Toto because my dog wouldn't fit in the basket on my bicycle.  On a real cheeseball note when Dan and I first met I didn't own the Wizard of Oz (I'd had it on VHS but no longer had a VCR) and Dan didn't own his favorite movie, Forest Gump.  I owned Forest Gump and he owned the Wizard of Oz-perfect match, haha.  So, when my sister, my parents and I went to D.C. earlier this year and saw the slippers at the Smithsonian we decided I had to wear them under my wedding dress.  Sequined shoes are in style now so I've been looking for some close toed red sequined (or other color that could somehow be died red) shoes, so if you come across any let me know!  Not too high, I'm not good at walking in heels and tend to fall pretty frequently. :-)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A few things are accomplished...

My mom keeps telling me I'm trying to plan too early and shouldn't be worried yet, but I was ready to have a date set instead of just "oh, we're getting married sometime in the future".  So, after much deliberation on when is most convenient we've set the date for April 14, 2012.  The ceremony will be at the church I've grown up in, First Presbyterian Church in Wilson, and the reception will be at the Wilson Country Club.  It meant a lot to my parents for me to get married in our church and is perfect because I grew up going there, singing (off key) in the choir, going to Vacation Bible School, youth group, camp, church programs and my mom even taught Sunday School there for awhile.  The minister I grew up with has retired, but I really like the new minister.  I've enjoyed his sermons that are actually pretty funny, and he was super nice to us with dealing with our grandma's funeral.

My sister will be the Maid of Honor, a position she's been looking forward to for years.  Long before Dan and I had even discussed marriage Elizabeth had been hounding me about when she would get to be MOH and urging us along (sometimes somewhat impatiently).  She's super excited and I'm glad to have her brutal honesty along the way, she's not afraid to hurt my feelings.


We're engaged!!

Spending a lot of time in front of the computer writing reports and such gives me motivation to procrastinate by surfing the web, and recently I've become addicted to reading blogs-whether I know the person or not (I know, stalkerish).  I've been saying when I had something interesting going on in my life I'd start a blog and then have a diary type thing of the experience later, and of course a more personalized way to procrastinate.  So, I finally have something more interesting to document than typical grad school experiences and am giving it a shot!  I'm already frustrated though because I can't figure out how to do all the cool things I see on other blogs... hopefully I'll figure it out soon.  I want to create a to do list in the margin and mark things off as they get accomplished and obviously want to make that picture at the top better (what is with that blank space on the side??), but for now this is it.  Enjoy!
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