Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Sleepover

For our final year of grad school {eek!} we have one meeting per month back on campus and we decided to turn the night of this past meeting into a Christmas sleepover to celebrate the holidays.  Dan was super nice and went to stay with a friend for the night, but before he left he put my bed, his bed, an air mattress and the futon on the floor in our living room for us to sleep on.  We baked red velvet cake balls, did Christmas crafts, watched Christmas Vacation & Elf and drank wine until way past our normal bed times.  The craft we decided to do was pretty simple and I'm pleased with how mine turned out.
I've been sooo tired ever since our sleepover and enjoyed a nap both Saturday and Sunday.  I kept trying to be productive but failing miserably.  I did finally make it out Sunday evening to get some last minute things done, including buying and wrapping our first gifts of the season.  We sponsored a girl from one of the schools I work at and had so much fun picking out things for a kid.  Crayola makes some cool stuff!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving Recap (a little late)

Soooo I kept putting off recapping Thanksgiving weekend because I had all these pictures I wanted to include once I found my camera but it is still MIA and I'm starting to lose hope.  My mom found the case in the trunk of my dad's car but there was no camera.  I remember it dying while we were tailgating before the Carolina game and I'm sooo hoping I didn't lay it down for it to end up in the parking lot lost forever.  Sigh.

The weekend was very eventful, starting with a double Thanksgiving.  Dan's parents went to Philadelphia so he joined us for the whole day and now officially admits he can't hang with the Anthony family.  We do lunch with my dad's family and dinner with my mom's family (both about 20 people), with just a couple of hours to recover in between.  During that break we took Lucy for a walk and to play with our neighbors chocolate lab puppy, so she was super worn out as well.  Something new to us this year is that I didn't spend the night of or the night before with my parents, but instead just went for the day.  It felt super weird and adult like to leave after the festivities were over and head back to our house.  I giggled on the way back saying "I can't believe my parents let me leave after dinner to go spend the night with a boy".

Friday night we headed back to actually spend the night in Wilson and decorate my parent's ginourmous (12 feet!!) tree.  I soooo wish I had my camera to post a picture, it's pretty impressive.  We always bake cookies and decorate but this year it turned into baking cookies and putting lights on because that wore everyone out and by then it was 10:30 and time to watch some Carolina basketball.  (On a side note yes, they lost to UNLV but I'd like to remind you of the year they lost to Santa Clara and went on to win the National Championship...just saying.)  

Saturday we of course went to the Carolina-Dook game- it's a can't miss every year and again Carolina came out with the win and kept the victory bell.  State also had an amazing comeback that day so it was a great day for football!  After the game Dan and I booked it back to Greenville to try to make it to my cousin's engagement party and got there just as it was wrapping up.  It was at The Murphy Center at ECU overlooking the football field and they even put a picture of them up on the big screen!  Luckily they were still up for hanging out after the party so a big group of us headed to Winslow's to celebrate some more.  It was great to spend some time with them since they live far away and we got to meet his fiance's family also.  The wedding is in January and I have no doubt it will be a blast!  I do have one picture from the night that was on my phone and I have to say I think it sums up the night perfectly!

Sunday was spent laying on the couch nursing a sore throat and recovering from an extreme lack of sleep! Whenever I go a few days without getting enough sleep I get a sore throat- it's crazy and super predictable.  Since I don't have any sick days currently I knew I needed to lay super low on Sunday to recover so I could face the work week, so I ended up having to miss a baby shower for my cousin's wife.    So, I was sad about that, but the baby is due in January and I can't wait to find out if it's a boy or girl!

Everyone pray my camera turns up somewhere!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Engagement Party

This past weekend some of my parents friends threw an engagement party for us in Wilson.  It was a night of awesome food, a fantastic piano player (who apparently used to write my aunt love notes?), perfect weather and tons of our family and friends together celebrating.  The party was held at one of the couple's house that is beautiful and the weather was just warm enough for people to disperse some outside.  They even had coozies with our names and wedding date and "living long love, buying on time" written on them in our colors.  Dan and I had so much fun seeing everyone together and introducing people we know from different places.  I was so busy talking to everyone I didn't get hardly any pictures but here are a few!

Martha, Sally, Mr. & Mrs. Willis

La familia

My mom with some of the hosts

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rocking Around

Last week Pippa, Christopher and I went to see the Rockettes at DPAC and it. was. awesome.  We were definitely geeking out the entire show and acting like uber dorks really sophisticated theatre goers the whole night, and we also were definitely not the only ones.  The whole audience was so into it, and when Christopher and I got drinks during intermission we even saw a brother and sister trying to recreate one of the numbers over in the corner-adorable.  The following conversation may or may not have taken place during one of the numbers...

Me:  It's a camel!
Christopher: No...
Me: Christopher that's a camel.
Christopher:  It's the LED screen...we just see them on the LED screen.
Me:  That's a freaking camel! ... There's ANOTHER ONE!!
Elizabeth: Guys...that camel's getting kind of fiesty.  I don't think he likes the attention...and he's definitely real.

Usually I'm super strict about not starting any Christmas festivities before Thanksgiving is over but we had to make an exception and afterwards couldn't resist listening to the CD we bought and flipping through the program, still talking about what our favorite parts were.  Ever since then I've been trying to resist the Christmas spirit hitting early but maaayyy have already watched Christmas Vacation, Four Christmases and baked Tollhouse cookies from scratch.  Twice.  For shame.

Monday, November 14, 2011

What I learned this weekend...

Ear infections are no fun.  Especially when paired with strep throat.  Double fail.
Z packs are awesome.


My pets secretly love it when I'm sick.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hips Don't Lie

I'd thought I'd start off the week real ambitious style and do my regular 30 minutes on the elliptical and 10 minutes on the bike..... but then add another 10 minutes on the bike while I waited for a class to start and try the class out.  It was called Body Flow and described as a yoga, pilates, thai chi mix.  I thought "this'll be nice, I'll get some good stretching in after working out and end on a relaxing note."  fail  Much harder than I expected.  Don't be fooled-you will be hurting the next day and the one after that.  My hips have been major bothering me since...I guess that's an area that doesn't typically get much of a workout??  But hey, no pain no gain.  It was actually a pretty cool class once you got past the candles, oils and discussion of how emotions are let out so don't be surprised if you cry (???) vibe in the room.  Can I just ask, who cries tears of joy during a workout?  I guess I'll go back next week....

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Engagement Pictures

Yesterday Dan and I finally got to do our engagement pictures after having to reschedule when I got sick last month.  They were so fun!  I was really nervous beforehand but it wasn't awkward at all.  I'm loooving our photographer, she's really fun and laid back and like Dan said "she makes you feel like you're doing good".  We went to high school together and I'd seen a lot of her pictures on facebook so before we even really started looking for a photographer I was pretty sure who I wanted it to be.  Once we started asking around the unanimous response was for Ginny there was no question.

We are notorious for bad pictures so I was so excited to see the sneak peek she posted last night and how great they are!  I was so impressed with Dan, he really rocked these pictures and we had a lot of fun.  I had the giggles the whole time and kept falling over and he was just super calm and acted like a natural.  I may or may not have literally jumped out of bed like a kid on Christmas morning for my computer when I heard both of our phones going off like crazy when the sneak peek pictures were tagged on facebook around midnight last night...

I can't wait to see the rest of them!  It was so exciting to be doing something fun and wedding related together and it made everything seem so much more real.  All of the planning is one thing, but I mean be honest, who hadn't been doing some of that planning in their head beforehand?  This was actually something we were doing as bride and groom and that's just a whole different ball game.  

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Booooo {kids are germy}

Last Friday I was working with a kid who would. not. stop. coughing.  Snot everywhere.  He kept assuring me he felt fine until about an hour in when he says "my head feels hot".  Straight to the school nurse we go.  He didn't have a fever but went home sick anyway.  Massive handwashing episode followed.  I made it through the weekend ok and thought I'd dodged this one, but Monday had a slightly sore throat that since then has just snowballed to an all out cold that will not go away.  Possibly the most frustrating part (I know, I'm a fatty) is I cannot taste anything.  I know when you're sick a lot of times your taste buds are dulled but I mean really absolutely ZERO taste.  It's bizarre. I guess it's a good time to eat as much healthy food as possible..?  Needless to say, another Carolina game I'm missing- and it's going well!  Instead, this is my Saturday...
They say after your first few years in the schools you get this super amazing kick butt immune system...still waiting for that gift to arrive.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Weekend we Needed a Break

Things have been pretty stressful around our house so we decided this past weekend we needed to get out of town and have some time to recover between weeks.  We headed to the beach and aside from a tiny I-forgot-my-dad-had-my-key incident the weekend was just what we needed.  We'll just ignore Friday night where we spent the night calling different emergency numbers to try to get let in and fast forward to Saturday, shall we?

Dan and I both got up pretty early Saturday from the awesome sleep we got Friday night and we headed to the new Aquarium first.  I say new, but it's actually been finished (by finished I mean redone) for quite a few years now but we haven't managed to get there since it reopened so it was new to us.  We had perfect timing and got there just as the live dive with the sharks started.  One of the divers had a microphone and earpiece so the audience asked her questions that she answered from right there inside the tank.  After the show we got up close to the glass and got a real good look at the teeth of a shark that was about the size of the one we accidentally took a swim with a few years ago and wow, I'm glad that guy wasn't hungry at the time.
These sharks were sleeping EXACTLY the way Lucy and Linus do.
Right when that ended the sea otter enrichment started.  For this they hid food all around the exhibit while the otters were locked in the back then let them go and we all watched as they ran around like crazy looking for the food.  They were so playful it was like watching a bunch of aerodynamic puppies that loved to be underwater.

After exploring the aquarium for awhile we headed to Beaufort for lunch on the water.  The weather was perfect (70 and sunny) and after a delicious lunch of shrimp burgers we spent most of the rest of the afternoon wandering around enjoying the view and the cute little shops.  Most importantly we stopped at the General Store for the most delicious ice cream ever-you can't go to Beaufort and not stop by for some of this ice cream.

On the way back from Beaufort we spotted a pumpkin patch at  Presbyterian Church so of course we had to stop.  They had a good selection of pumpkins, which apparently is a hot commodity around here, and we got 2 big ones to carve and 3 small ones to paint.

Finally we rounded up the night with dinner at Ruddy Duck's.  I was really wanting a crab cake sandwich so we sought out a place we could eat by the water that had crab cake sandwiches and wasn't too far away and this was just the place, complete with beer from mason jars.  It was my first time there but I'd heard good things and now that I've been I definitely plan to return!

Of course the weekend wouldn't be complete without letting Lucy go crazy on the beach.  She absolutely loves it and remembers which direction it's in so always begs to head that way but in the summer when it's so hot and crowded we can't always take her over there.  This time of year was perfect for her, she just about had the whole beach to herself and the cold water doesn't deter her from swimming at all.

The weekend was just what we needed to recharge and come back to Greenville ready to hit the ground running at the start of the new week!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

What I Love About Sundays

1.  My awesome fiance made us french toast and bacon for brunch.

2.  He also bought cinnamon sugar butter--delicious.  I'm so looking forward to some toast with cinnamon sugar butter in the am.

3.  We met with the preacher today for our second meeting.  I know this is supposed to be one of those intimidating chores you have to do before the wedding, but we actually like it.  It's a chance to talk about some real important things with a neutral party there to help out.

4.  We had open-faced sandwiches for dinner with my parents, brother, sister and grandmother.

5.  There was chocolate chess pie for dessert.

6.  I painted my nails this new pretty fall color from Essie.

"Island Hopping"
7.  It's finally time for the Kardashian wedding to air!!

8.  All the sheets in the house have been sanitized and I'm saying a big "see ya never" to this sickness that's killed me the past week.

9.  A new week begins, time for a fresh start!

Weekend Fail

Last weekend was supposed to be a fun-filled weekend with Pippa's birthday party on Friday, tailgating and having friends over for the UNC-ECU game Saturday, a Frank Sinatra play at DPAC on Sunday, then heading to Winston-Salem from Sunday-Tuesday for the NCSPA fall conference.

Well...Friday during Pippa's Elizapalooza my head started hurting, and by the time we were on the way home it was a stage 5 headache and I was miserable.  I fell asleep within about 5 minutes just to wake up around 5 am with a fever of 102.6 and then real misery set in.  I can't remember a time I've ever been so sick--and it lasted forever.  I watched the game from home, didn't make it to the play, and made two trips to the doctor instead.  Turns out student health misdiagnosed me and gave me medicine that was making me worse, not better.  After a trip to my regular doctor (and neighbor) in Wilson on Tuesday I finally got the right meds and am getting better, but it was a loooong week.  I only went to work on Friday, so I'm out of sick days now, and I barely ate anything for a week straight, losing about 10 pounds in 1 week...too bad it's probably all back now that I'm eating again.

I was able to suck it up and put on my big girl pants long enough to drive to Winston-Salem on Monday, present my poster, and collapse in the hotel room for the night so I can cross "present thesis" off of my list.  I forgot to take the classic standing with your poster picture, but I did get a phone picture of the poster.  I also talked to the president of NASP (!!)...I realize that's interesting to only a handful of people but it was a big moment...while I was rocking a fever, no makeup, dirty hair and not my best outfit...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sick Kitty

We thought after getting Linus checked out on Friday when he returned from his big adventure things were calming down a bit, but it turned out to be another sleepless week around here. Linus started out Saturday just a little sick, we were watching him and thought he was just a little puny from still recovering.  Sunday he was real sick.  Throwing up round the clock, not eating or drinking, miserable.  We took him Sunday afternoon to the emergency vet where they ran all sorts of tests on him and couldn't figure out what it was.  They gave us some antibiotics and said we could take him home but to bring him back if anything changed.

At home we couldn't get any of the medicine into him, the poor guy was absolutely miserable and wouldn't even walk anywhere.  So, another trip to the emergency vet and he was hooked up to IV antibiotics and fluids and had to stay over night.  Since they close at 7 and the regular vet opens at 7:30 and Dan was flying to Alabama for the day I called in late to work to pick him up and take him to the regular vet to be re-hooked up to the IVs to spend the day.  That night he was allowed to sleep at home but he went right back the next morning for another day of IV antibiotics and fluids.  He was so pitiful that night, he just wanted to be held and we tried to make it easy for him to get to everything he needed but even though the vet assured us he was perfectly capable of walking with his catheter in he didn't believe her and just laid around like that leg didn't work and cried when he wanted to be moved from one spot to another.  

FINALLY, he seems to have recovered.  He still gets an oral antibiotic every morning and that's a huge battle because he really hates it but (knock on wood) I think we've got our happy, loving kitty back.

We were sure to point out to him that for the cost of his vet bills this week we could have EACH gotten ourselves an ipad like we've been eyeing.  I'm sure he understood.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Cat Came Back (not the very next day)

Our little Linus boy decided last Saturday morning it was time for an adventure and escaped from us.  Needless to say, this has not been a good week for our family.  Late at night (like between midnight and 5 am) he would explore a little and we'd see him in the cul-de-sac creeping around close to the houses.  He'd also come stand in the end of our driveway and just stare at the house, but whenever we began to approach him he'd get spooked and run off.  We got pretty close a couple of times and he just looked so extremely terrified and couldn't decide if we were to be trusted or not.  He didn't even look like himself-his pupils were so dilated that his eyes were just these black discs with no green whatsoever.  It was very creepy.

Dan and I moved both beds into the living room and slept on the floor in there the whole week with the front door open so we could watch through the storm door for him.  Sleep was extremely minimal all week as we watched the door and several times throughout the night would jump up to run out when we saw him.  In the process of trying to catch Linus by putting out food and his toys and opening the garage door a crack to lure him back in we attracted about 5 strays.  It seemed like everyday a new one showed up.  (Speaking of, they're still around and we don't know what to do with them so if anyone wants a kitten some of them are super duper cute).  Animal control couldn't help b/c of the strays and the shelter being full- apparently if they caught one their only option would be to release them where the found them so that'd be pretty pointless and it was unlikely Linus would be the one caught since he was mainly hanging out a couple of houses down.  Apparently also you're not allowed to set traps on other people's property, even if you get their permission.  I'm supremely upset with the shelter and Humane Society b/c after several messages and emails from both of us we've not heard a word from them.  Thanks, guys.

Anyway, around 1am Friday morning Dan woke me up (did I forget to mention I was sick? Yea, cough syrup knocks you out even when your kitty is loose) to say Linus had run into the back yard, so he'd shut the gate.  We weren't sure if he could jump the fence since he doesn't have claws, but it turns out he can b/c he sat on top of the fence for about an hour.  We didn't want to spook him so we decided to just open the back door and let him decide for himself.  I drifted off again and then was woken by a soft meow right by my ear.  We stood back to give him some space for a minute b/c we weren't sure how he'd react to us after being wild for a week, but Mr. Vanastercat (my mom calls cats that, I'm not sure why) just waltzed in like he'd never left.  Lucy showered him with kisses and he curled up next to me to sleep just like nothing had ever changed.

He had to go to the vet to be checked out and needed a thorough bathing but other than that he's back to being his spoiled and very loving self, and our happy family is whole once again :-)

This picture is just too funny--glamour shots anyone?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Introducing Kelly

I come from a big family of pet lovers.  In our house we have:


My parents have:
(ok that's not Hal, I don't have a picture of him.  This is off the internet)

My parents have now added to this zoo with another teeny teacup Yorkie.


Lucy puts up with the little ones but she really prefers friends she can run and tumble with.  Ruby tolerates Kelly.  Kit stays hidden from Kelly (and Lucy).  But the big buds are Kelly and Linus.  They were fast friends and wore each other out at the beach this past weekend. 


Yea, it's a zoo, but we love them.  We may or may not be feeding three stray cats that need good homes...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Store Bought Doll

Labor Day weekend was spent as it should be-at the beach.  Aside from the shock of seeing the poor trailer the weekend was beautiful!  If you've never been to somewhere that's burned down, oh my goodness it's worse than you would think.  I foolishly thought since the fire was only in the kitchen the rest of the place would be pretty much as we left it, and I was sooo wrong.  Everything was black and things like blinds and strips from the ceiling were melted all the way in the back bedroom.  I was able to find my favorite childhood book in the toy bucket in the back with just one scorch mark across the back (and a strong smokey scent).  I present to you, The Store Bought Doll.

I carried this book around from person to person begging them to read it to me for years, long after I was perfectly capable of reading it myself.  [Extended] Cliff notes version: This little girl lives on a farm and has a favorite rag doll she climbs tress with and has picnics with and generally does everything with.  One day a city man comes by and needs her dad to help him fix his car.  As a thank you he brings her back a china doll and she forgets all about her rag doll, leaving her sad in a heap in the corner.  Then she figures out the china doll is nice, but she can't do any of the fun things she did with her rag doll with the new doll because it's so fragile.  She goes home to find her old rag doll, tucks the china doll away safe and resumes her friendship with the rag doll.

I know you wanted to hear that whole story.

I was a somewhat sensitive child and I always felt SO BAD for the poor rag doll when it was left alone. So, inevitably after every re-reading of the story I would think of some toy I hadn't been playing with much recently and feel so sorry for it I'd want to give it lots and lots of attention.  Problem was, this book lived at the beach and my toys lived in Wilson, so once realizing the awful neglect I'd inflicted on said toy I then couldn't get back to make it feel better for days.  

Yea, I was a weird kid.  I'm perfectly normal now though, pinkie swear.  And now I've got the book so I can pass on this weirdness to my future kids.  


Monday, August 29, 2011

Mean Irene

Our weekend was spent hunkering down hiding from Irene as she came through town.  Dan and I took both of our mattresses and put them in the living room to build a fort where we could play board games and cuddle with the animals while we watched the storm around us and ate peanut butter sandwiches.
Charging my phone in the car while without power.

We were pretty lucky and just had a small leak and some branches and a mail box (not ours) in our yard to pick up the next day, while most of our neighbors lost trees and shingles.  The story at the beach wasn't the same...

Our poor trailer that made it through about 35 years of hurricanes-many much worse than Irene-actually made it through this one as well...until they turned the power back on and the refrigerator caught fire.  

My absolute favorite place in the world.  The place we crammed 10 aunts, uncles and cousins in every summer.  My grandmas favorite place that still has her character to it.  The place where my grandfather died.  

Ok, pity party over.  

Mostly just the kitchen is ruined (of course that totals a trailer), but we were able to get momentos like pictures out, which means so much more than the actual building.  When I first heard about the fire I pictured all of our memories burned down-the old menu with my grandmas handwriting on it, her clothes in the back bedroom, our photo albums, the collage in the hall...  But it turns out most of that was salvageable, so there's that.  I just hope now that when we rebuild we can preserve the old, homey feel of the trailer we love.  I love that our TVs have wood panels and turn dials and our toy bucket is still in the back closet with all of our old toys and the books I read over and over as a child are still under the TV in the living room.  I want the new trailer to be like that too.  For now, I'm counting my blessings that I grew up with such a wonderful place AND that we can rebuild.    

Friday, August 12, 2011

That time I was a witch with a b...

I haven't posted in a hot minute because thesis the never ending paper has consumed my life and feels like it will never end.  Side note:  I did get a wedding dress!! And as soon as my defense day has come and finally gone I'll get back to posting regularly, pinky swear.  But today is about what thesis has turned me in to.  So, a little story...

Yesterday Dan had to take my car because the window on his was getting fixed, leaving me home alone all day with no way to go anywhere.  I was fine with that because I was just going to be writing all day anyway, but I said I did want to take the car to get coffee before he left because we're seriously lacking on groceries right now (another consequence of thesis) and I needed a coffee treat something bad.  He said he'd wake me up before he got in the shower, giving time to get said coffee.

He forgot.  

I woke up about 30 minutes after he left (about 7:00--in the summer) to find no way to get the coffee I felt I so desperately needed.  

Ok, I'll have some coke. 

He had finished it after I went to bed. 

No caffeine?!?! 

OK, leftover pizza.

He ate my half (we don't get the same toppings).

It was at this point I lost my cool.  He hadn't done anything wrong, but the combination of the morning and the day I had to follow while Linus rolled around moaning at my feel for attention and Lucy yipped at me begging to play with her got to me, and I left him a voicemail that went something like this: 

"I don't have any coffee and you drank all the coke and there's no food here because you ate my half of the pizza and left your disgusting half and I can't leave the house to fix any of this and now I have to write all day and I can't believe you did this!!" {Insert big huff} (all in one breath like it was one long word)


After that I took a deep breath, put on my big girl pants and had a slice of ice cream cake for breakfast.

We laughed about it later that night.  Apparently Dan had already laughed at me when he listened to the voicemail, realizing I was frustrated and yelling at your computer just isn't the same as yelling at a person.  His voicemail was the only satisfying thing to take my frustration out on that was available to me I guess.  Good thing he knew me well enough he could picture how it went down and found it absolutely amusing.  


This morning I woke up to a grande nonfat white chocolate mocha from Starbucks on my nightstand.  

He so didn't deserve that voicemail.  Next time I will just yell at the computer the way my mom taught me to yell at furniture when I hurt myself on it when I was little (bad desk!!).  

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hair Woes

I've been cursed with wavy/curly hair that people with straight hair say they'd like but noone with curly hair wants.  Ah, such is life.  In the summer the humidity really gets to it, especially with how much time I spend beachside.  After two weekends in a row of going out at the beach and staying outside most of that time to see a hair disaster by the end of the night I'm trying to plan for some damage control before heading to the beach this weekend to celebrate the homecoming of my bestie that's been in Spain foreverrr (more on that later).  I was looking at Lauren Conrad's blog and she's got a lot of cute, seemingly easy to do hair styles that could combat this humidity.  I'm no good with hair, but I think I will give this one a try this weekend:

1) Apply a light holding styling mousse all over from roots to ends for texture and seperation. Hair can be damp or dry. (If it’s dry, be sure it’s a light holding mousse or you could end up with a strong holding mess.)
2) Separate the hair over your shoulder into two pieces. The piece from the back should come forward and down (see photo).
3,4) Using your girl scout skills, tie hair into a simple knot.
5.) Secure the two ends together using a clear elastic. Once it’s in there, slide it up underneath the knot to conceal it.
6) I like to throw a bobby pin in there for extra security.
7) Back comb the ponytail a little for texture and then comb through it with your fingers to settle it.
Tip: Once the steps are complete, tug on it and mess it up a bit. This look is better when it’s a little disheveled!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's Your Birfday!

This past weekend I headed to Wilmington to celebrate the birthday of a good school psyc friend...I'd send you here to check out her blog but she's yet to make a single post, ahem June...  We met at her dad's house before heading to Flaming Amy's for some awesome food complete with the best ice cream cake ever made...I'm hoping to get the baker to post the recipe on her blog so I can take a stab at it myself.  After this we danced the night away downtown and had an awesome time celebrating an awesome girl.  On the way I made a tourist of myself in front of the Karens Cafe/Clothes over Bros location....I've always loved One Tree Hill and still watch it and I don't care how lame it is thankyouverymuch.  Even after living in Wilmington I never did this so I fulfilled a dream haha

the baker!!
Birthday girl!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


My sister (from here on out to be referred to as Pippa) graduated from high school this past weekend in a smoking hot gym locale.

That's not our mom- it seems Pippa won herself the Mary Claire Satterly scholarship, and this is Mary Claire's mom aka our 6th grade English/Social Studies teacher.  Congrats Pippa!

Monday, June 6, 2011


I saw this over on another blog and for lack of much else to blog about thought I'd give it a go.  So, here you have it....

Move to the beach and have a wonderful family :-)

Bad Habit:
internet shopping... in my defense, only when I've got a lot of free time (which unfortunately is also when I don't have much money...)

Atlantic Beach, NC... always been my happy place...sitting on the deck here right now

a fountain Coke from McDonald's...nothing better  

BA in Psychology from NC State
working on MA/CAS in School Psychology

big shrimp fan...but maybe just because it's summer, ask me in the winter and it could be different

Guilty Pleasure:
ABC Family shows... my absolute favorite is Pretty Little Liars, also love Make it or Break It and Secret Life of the American Teenager...judge all you want, they make "serious" fun...and I don't like real dramas

Wilson, NC

Ice Cream:
does frozen yogurt count?  b/c I'm totally addicted and really loving Red Velvet Cake...Birthday Cake is pretty awesome too.  For ice cream I only eat chocolate.  I know, boring.  
Side note: when we were little my brother and I refused to eat Breyer's Vanilla b/c of the vanilla beans in it...we didn't want "pepper" in our ice cream...and I stand by that decision

Jonesing For:
dresses of all kinds...especially into Anthropologie right now

stress....I let it consume me to where it's super counterproductive 

Look Alike
My mom, my sister and I are very similar...except my sister has multicolor eyes

Wizard of Oz

my cousin also called me Tosh growing up...neither of us remember why

I'm super into my furbabies

I don't really wear perfume...Chanel No. 5 will always remind me of my mama though and Oscar de la Renta of my grandmother, so I guess they're sentimental scents

I can't be in the room when people eat cereal.  Just can't do it.

mmm right this minute?  I wish I hadn't eaten so much at El Zarape tonight, my tummy hurts...

grande nonfat white chocolate mocha....and a tiramisu cake pop

Thrift Find of the Year:
I recently got a $200 skirt from Anthro for $48
My aunt also scored me a table for $15 at Goodwill :-)

I went to NC State for undergrad and am at ECU for grad school...UNC fan through and through though-you can't beat that out of my family
I will always go for the ACC team though (Dook doesn't count)

Can Atlantic Beach count?  My family has had a place for 35 years and I've spent so much time there it's a second home...
I looooved San Fran though


marks the spot?  I don't get it...
I enjoyed the xylophone in choir when I was little... 


once again I'm going to go with Atlantic Beach...I mean seriously, who can leave this view?

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